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Diesets are a framework to hold together the various parts used to blank, punch, shear, rivet or bend parts on a press.

Diesets can be simple tooling for a single operation or include multiple steps. Multiple punches are common as well as multiple stations where different operations are done progressivly. When the work is fed from one station to another it is called a "progressive dieset".

Disesets can be hand fed or automatic. Most automatic feed systems are built into the dieset, the motion of the dieset, not the press, actuating the feed.

Diesets are convienient in that once built they are easy to change on the press, only requiring being bolted in place and the press stroke being set.

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Diesets consist of an upper and lower plate with two or more guides and bushings. When punching is done a middle plate called a "stripper" is used for the work to react against as the punch is pulled out. Strippers can be static or spring loaded pressure pads. Pressure types are used to support thin or soft material that may tend to buckle or wrinkle when punched.

The striping action can be by springs or by the press pulling up on its return stroke. Special die stripper springs are manufactured with heavy square wire in order to get the most spring force in the smallest space. When the press does the stripping the dieset either has a coupling adaptor bolted on the top plate OR a top plate with built in shank is used.

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