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Punch holders are used on all types of presses to adapt to a given punch shank and to extend the reach of the ram when a dieset is not used.

The punch holder on the left uses a standard tapered seat nut of the type found on ironworkers. The taper inside the nut fits the taper on the punch. This punch holder was made to adapt ironworker punches to a 4 ton Benchmaster OBI punch press.

The punch holder on the right accepts standard Roper Whitney 1" shank 3" long punches. It has a 1" shank to fit the same Benchmaster punch press as the other punch holder. Punch holders similar to this can be purchased as stock items from Roper Whitney.

The detailed punch holder drawing is designed to fit #4 and #5 fly presses. Such as those sold by Kayne and Son. Large popup detail

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Punch Holder Drawing

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