Hinge by Tom Boone Hinges II - Detail 1

Demonstration by Jock Dempsey
March 28, 2001
Lever type hinge bender
Detail drawing of the lever type bender.

The tools required to make this bender are, an arc welder, drill, hand saw and files.

I differ from Streeter in that I make the stationary part from a piece of angle iron so it can be clamped in a vise. For long benders the angle iron may be extended with flat bar if needed to clamp the hinge. The angle only needs to be about 8" long. I am also using shims on one side of the bending nose rather than set screws on both sides.

The handle for this bender can be round pipe or square tube. For common hinges the length needs to be about 28" (711mm).

Figure 2

Figure 4
There are several ways to use this type bender. Streeter clamps the bending nose tight on the stock and pin and lets the stock pull through the bender as in figure 2. This requires a slightly narrower "nose" with square corners on the tool (see middle of detail). This end could be on the opposite of the nose piece if you are going to use both methods.

The other way to use the bender is to let the nose slide on the stock as it bends it around. In this case the nose needs to be round and smooth.

The bending nose is best made of some sort of hardenable tool steel.

Notice how the bending nose needs to clear the stationary part.

Although these benders are normally used cold they can also be use hot. Be prepared to quickly drive the pin out with another slightly smaller pin if bending hot.

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