Handle by Hugh McDonald
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Door Handles

By Hugh Mcdonald
Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia

Presented by Jock Dempsey
July 24, 2002
Hugh McDonald is best known as the inventer of the McDonald Rolling Mill. Hugh also has a great imagination and manages to come up with an original twist on all his work.

This is our 141st iForge demo.

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A doorhandle I thought quite neat. The back plate, 2" x 1/8" (50mm x 3mm), x 8" (200mm) long, matches the metal used on my doorknockers while the double twist in the handle, made from 1" x 3/16" (25mm x 4mm), has a nice feel in the hand and I have not seen it elsewhere.
I make it by chopping through on the centre line with the ex-truck spring chisel shown, then after reheating, driving it well down between the partly open jaws of a vice. Chisel and drift in one. Straighten and soften (round) all the edges before doing both twists with narrow, round jawed pliers.

Those shown are also ex truck spring. Before anyone asks, I am not left handed, I made them years ago before I realised pliers and tongs could be made either hand. My reverse tongs (see my tongs demo) could have come in handy here except I thought them up after this handle was made. The spring fuller decoration each side of the twisted area is optional.

Figure 3
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Doorhandles are made to a special order to complement my Roo and Ram headed doorknockers. The photo tells the story pretty well. The handle part is stood out 1-1/8" (30mm) from the back plate on pieces of " (12mm) dia. shouldered to 1/4" (6mm) dia. and neatly riveted both ends into a countersink.

Figure 4
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I fancy I can see the need for a small tribute to Francis Whitaker somewhere about my doorhandles. I have just acquired a copy of his wonderful book, Beautiful Iron.

Hugh McDonald 15th June 2002
Questions, Comments?
I like this double twist handle because at first glance it looks like one of those "You can't DO that" twists. . .
Jock, looks more complicated than it really is. Nice work
Could look pretty neat split three ways with the center not twisted, too.
You might need to draw out the middle bar since the twist shortens the others a little.
Looks like you twisted the ends through the middle to do it
Pete, that is what I thought at first. But it is much easier than that!
Great idea. Nice look to the finished handle.

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