Celtic Cross

Demonstration by Glenn Conner
Blackstone Forge

December 13, 2000
For tonights demo Glenn "Ntech" Conner is going to make a Celtic Cross. The floor is yours Glenn.

Figure 01
Start with a piece of 3/8" square stock 3-1/2" long

Use a hacksaw and cut a kerf down the center of the stock 1-3/8" long. Now make a cut from the other end, and 90 degrees to the first cut, 2-5/8" long.

Measure down from the same end and mark 1-3/16" and cut, perpendicular to the stock, through to the long kerf. This should leave a small rectangular piece of scrap 1-3/16" x 3/3" x 3/16" or so.

Figure 02

Figure 03
Here is the stock and open one of the kerfs.

Figure 04
Now open the other kerf.
New record ;) Commenting on the room counter indicating 41 attendees. People will come and go but this average is maintained throughout this demo.

Figure 05
I use the corner of the anvil to open one kerf to a 90 degree angle, then the other kerf to a 90 degree angle.

Figure 06
Hammer one kerf to 180 degrees or flat.

Figure 07
Hammer the other kerf to 180 degrees or flat to form a cross

Figure 08

Figure 09

Figure 10
Place a 1" diameter drift into the hardie hole. It fits tight, on my anvil, and does not require additional support.

I use the drift to open the hole in the middle of the hole in the middle of the cross.

A 1" pipe has a 1" diameter center opening, and just fits over the drift. The pipe is used to drive the cross over the drift and further expand the opening.

Figure 11

Figure 12

Figure 13
Flatten the cross, if needed. Using the drift and/or the horn of the anvil, work the circle to make it round.

Figure 14
Use a ball pein hammer or the edge of a cross pein hammer to texture the face of the cross.

Also make the arms of the cross a little bit wedge shaped as you texture the metal.

Figure 15
Drill a small hole in the top for a jump ring. They make a wonderful Christmas tree ornament, or with a piece of leather lace, a necklace.
Nice work Glenn
Thanks Glenn, that's a nice piece.
My turn to ask how much Glenn? :)
Great demo Glenn. Now where did I put that mini rune punch set. . . .?
$25 on up.

I use a beeswax finish for the dark version. Wire brush to bright metal and beeswax for the bright metal version.

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