Click for larger photo Candle "Sticker"

Demonstration by Glenn Conner AKA "NTECH"
Blackstone Forge

August 8, 2001
Tonight's demo is a candle sticker. Start with 3/8" round stock. About 18" is needed for the piece but any extra length will give you something to hold without using tongs.

Figure 2
Point one end, about 2 inches, to a sharp point.

Figure 3a

Figure 4
(Flat #1) About 12" from the point end, flatten the stock on the horn to about 1/8" thick. This one ended up about 3/4" wide x 3-1/2" long. This will be referred to as the spring.

Figure 5
Make two lines on the anvil with soapstone 4" apart. Heat the stock and align the center of the spring (flat #1) with the first line. Using the pein end of the hammer, make a dent in the stock, at the 4" mark. Put this over the horn, dent down, and you can feel the dent on the horn. Flatten this to end up about 1/2 " wide and 1-1/2" long. This is flat #2.

Do the same thing 4" on the other side of the spring. This will be flat #3.

Be sure that both dents are put on the same side of the stock, and the both dents are down toward the horn when you hammer.
Start at the end of flat #2 and leave about 1" of the stock round. Take a heat, and then flatten a section about 2-1/2" long so it is 1/2" wide. This is flat #4. Take another heat, and if needed, isolate the flat area by applying a little water to cool the round stock on either side. Now put a twist in flat #4.

Figure 6

Figure 7
At the end of this flat #4, measure 2" and hot cut to separate the work from the stock. Place about an inch on the anvil and hit it with a hammer making a round flat end. Lay it on the horn and turn it 90 degrees, forming a 1/4 circle.

Figure 8

Figure 9
Heat the spring section and wrap it about a 3/4" pipe as if you were forming a spring fuller. Make sure the two flats (flat #2 and flat #3) line up across from one another.
Stick the point into a beam, and place a candle between the flats. The spring will hold the
candle in place.

Figure 10
It is always fun to watch people guess at this one during a demo. Once the "spring" is wrapped around the pipe, I then cool the metal in water only so I can handle it. I then stick it in the anvil stump, and place a candle in the holder, and smile.
Is there a NAME for this thing Glenn?
Thats elegant Glenn!..1 pc is hard to do, much less as well....applause
Steve C
How long does it take to make one of these?
that is real nice glenn,and verry good demo
How do you do the twist?
I call it a candle holder, but I like the candle sticker name also.
how mutch do thay sell for???????
great demo Glenn
nice demo i like it
Steve, not long, just enough time to flatten some metal across the horn of the anvil. Goes fast once you quit trying to measure everything.
Nice demo Glenn. 'Bout how much do ya sell 'em for?
The twist is made by getting the metal hot and holding it with the tongs or a vise. Then use another set of tongs or pliers and make a circle. The metal is soft and will move easily.
Selling price is $15.
NOTE: Everyone had to ask Glenn what they sell for because THAT is always HIS question at the demos since the first one Bill Epps did over two years ago!

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