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Demonstration by Bill Epps.
March 8, 2000

Bill-Epps :

Tonight demos is one of the things that Brad Silberberg, from Maryland did at his demo at my shop 2 weeks ago, and I thought it was cuter than heck, so I thought I'd share it w/ya'll:)

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

Brad started w/piece of 5/8" round (3/4" or so would work too). Hammer a short round point on one end.

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

After you get a good sharp point on it curl the tip down just slightly.

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

Right at the end of the taper, make a groove all the way around on your hardy, rotating the bar, and holding it upward slightly as to give a square cut on the back side and a tapered cut on the front.

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

Be careful when you are making this cut. You want to go about 3/4 of the way down, but be careful not to do so far that the thing will break off. Take a good heat and lay the little turn down tip facing to one side or the other and flatten the piece. Again be careful not to break it off.

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

After you flatten out your little flame, take a short little chisel and put a mark in the center to give the impression of the wick. Remember impressions are important.

Bill-Epps :

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candle01.gif (2384 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

After you form the flame and put the wick mark on it, you can cup it or bend one side going one way and the other going the other to give the impression of the flame. These can be used on top of gates or whatever you want. This is a simple Candle. Thought this was cute:)

Bill-Epps :

This is it for tonight. Do any of you have any questions?

Todd :

what kind of hardy tool is that?

Paw-Paw :

Bill, since a flame is actually round, could you leave the flame part round and put the wick mark on it with a hot cut?

Ten-Hammers :

Nice demo Bill. Could use the spoon deal on the swage to cup it.

Jock-D :

:( I broke mine about the "be careful" part. . .

smithinscout :

what if you dont have any hardies?

Scotsman :

if you were to taper the actual candle part down and not make the inciison all the way through do you think it would look like a decent paintbrush?

Bill-Epps :

I flatten the flame part Paw-Paw because it makes a better impressionistic image. The hardy is a "v" shaped hardy or any kind of hot cut hardy would work.

Paw-Paw :

Jock, you hit it too hard! Gotta be gentle! :)

smithinscout :

but i dont have any hardys at all!

Bill-Epps :

If you don't have a hardy, then use a hot cut chisel mounted in your vice to hold it steady, because you can't get the nice even cut and tapered cut any other way.

Ntech :

What is the total length?

Jock-D :

SS, Make one... It doesn't need to be tool steel OR sharp but needs maybe a 40 to 60 degree "wedge" You can make something to lay on the vise OR clamp in a vise.

Jock-D :

"Lay on the anvil: or clamp in vise. . .

dave :

would square bar twisted give that fluted candle effect?

Ten-Hammers :

Also make a great doorlatch handle

Bill-Epps :

Ntech, it about 5/6". I I just sawed it off when I got through to give the length I wanted. Paw-Paw, the lead hammers I use in the shop I paid about $8-10 for. Any help?

Bill-Epps :

Dave, I don't know, try it and let me know how it works.

Jock-D :

SS, While teaching an 8 year old to forge I coudn't find a hardy. I held a piece of square bar on edge on the anvil for him. . . You'll figure out a way.

Bill-Epps :

Smithinscout, a wood splitting wedge can make a good hardy too, especially if that is all yu have:)

Jock-D :

SS, Farriers use a tool called an "anvil devil" its a triangular bar about 1"x1"x1" and 4" long. Handy tool. Hard to forge without a swage block. . .

Tom-Stovall :

Them anvil devils are handy as a pocket on a shirt. It's really a plater's tool, but iron shoe types use 'em too.

Ten-Hammers :

Upset a piece of 3/4 coldroll, set hammer the tenon, and draw the hardie. Superquench the tip

Paw-Paw :

Grab old axe head, and hatchet heads. They're good to make LOTS of tools from!

Bill-Epps :

You can saw it off on a chop saw leaving about 2" from the point, take a piece of 1/2 X 2 x 1 1/2" cut a hole in the center of it, put a hardy shank in the hole and weld it in on the top side, then weld the piece of chisel on top of the square plate. Doing this keeps the weld off your hardy hole so it won't mess it up

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