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Real Horse Shoe
Demonstration by Bill Epps.
August 18, 1999

Bill-Epps :

This is something that was shown to me by Ruel Darling from Fresno California in 1983 when he was in Oklahoma doing a seminar for shorsehoers. This is a trinket made from a old horseshoe, that over the years has made me more money than just about anything that I have made.

Bill-Epps :

I'm going to answer this one, Tom, It is prettier than ever, but thanks for asking.:)

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

Start with a horseshoe, any size will work, Turn the heel outward at about a 45 deg. angle(about an inch long.) (Like you were going to turn a trailer)

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

Come back about 3/4 to 1" from the end and put a divot. I use a bottom fuller with about a 3/16" radius 3/8" diameter , then back about 1/2" from the end, put another divot. This starts the general shape of your horse's head.

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

I use a bottom fuller, but a piece of 3/8" round laid on the face of the anvil on the end of the horn if you forget to take your fuller as I have been known to do.

Bill-Epps :

After I make the two divots, I go to the back side with a ball pien hammer and draw what will become the jaw down.

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

Now we are going to raise the jaw by setting down the neck and the muzzle. I come to the back of the anvil, let the jaw hang off and a half blow I set down the neck and raise the jaw. Then I come to the front of the anvil and do the same thing for the muzzle with a 1/2 blow (1/2 on and 1/2 off the anvil). This raises the jaw up, and makes an indentation for the muzzle.

Bill-Epps :

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bshoe13.gif (1608 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

After we get to this point here, now it is time to start making it look like a horses head.

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

Now with a center punch, I punch the nostril, then I come to the mouth with a hot cutter and make a line, I don't cut all the way through, I come at a forward angle and cut the ear with the ear leaning forward. There again, you don't have to cut all the way through. Then I take another heat, and punch the eye. I use the eye punch with the steel good and hot. (There's really 21 on line, cause I'm here too (Sharon):)

Bill-Epps :

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Bill-Epps :

Then I cool the nose off, and bend the head over slightly, and then with the cross pien, I hammer out his main, or with a dull cold chisel, just put some lines in there for it, to give theffect of the main. You can draw it out real thin and fold it over if you want a flowing mane. .

Bill-Epps :

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bshoe20.gif (1113 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Now we go to the other heal of the shoe, and we will make him a tail. Set a divot in about 1" back, the draw out the end to a little bit of a point

Bill-Epps :

bshoe21.gif (2027 bytes)

bshoe22.gif (1779 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

After you put a little bit of a point on the tail, use your cross pien to flair it out, and give the illusion of hair, or at least to give it some texture.

Bill-Epps :

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bshoe24.gif (2485 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

I put a little bit of a curve in it just for style. Heat the shoe up in the toe and close it down to keep itin proportion.

Bill-Epps :

It should look something similar to this.

Bill-Epps :

bshoe25.gif (7194 bytes)

Bill-Epps :



?the ears

Bill-Epps :

It should have more muzzle than this one. If you cut the shoe in half and make it into a hoof pick, lay the ear down just a little bit (the ear will stand up when you fold the head down

Ntech :

Bill, what is the price?

Bill-Epps :

About $20

Bob-S :

is the image on one side only?

Bill-Epps :

Yes, just one side. Most folks mount them on the wall, horse stall, abaove the door, etc.

Jock-D :

For a larger image see the Vol, 6 of the anvilfire NEWs, the AFC edition. We will be there again this weekend! I thought the one in the news photo was great but Bill insisted on making a BETTER one for the auction!

Paw-Paw :

Bill, I was just looking at an old Percheron shoe. If the toe clip was brought up to heat, and moved around to the bottom of the shoe, it could be turned into a hook to hang things on. The shoe could be nailed up with horshoe nails.

J-J :

Paw Paw, I bend these 90 degrees at the heel and use them for wall hooks also.

Paw-Paw :

JJ, yes, that would work.

pat :

whats a trailer?

Bill-Epps :

a trailer is a outward pruturshion on the heel of a horshoe to give latral support

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