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On the Construction of Locks and Keys

On the Construction

of Locks and Keys

Author: John Chubb (? - 1872)

Published 1850

Excerpt Minutes of Proceedings

Hardbound, 36 pages with engravings

VERY Rare, Out of Print for 150 years

This slim volume is one of the primary references of most histories of locksmithing and lock making technology today. Its early history is repeated over and over in later books including its mistakes. Illustrations from this work are also reproduced over and over.

John Chubb was the son of Charles Chubb who was the brother of Jeremiah Chubb who patented the famous "dector lock" in 1818. Charles was a blacksmith and when his brother Jeremiah joined him they became the Chubb Lock Company. John became the sole proprietor of the business in 1846 upon the death of his father. The family ran the business well into the 20th century. For a detailed history of the company see A Gazetteer of Lock and Key Makers - Chubbs

These were the pioneers of the high security mechanical lock industry. They lived in a era when everything mechanical was new and inventors could reap great benefits.

This is just one book of several on the history of locks and locksmithing that we have to reproduce.

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