Cover, Southwestern Colonial Ironwork
Marc Simmons and Frank Turley,
Southwestern Colonial Ironwork

The spanish blacksmithing tradition from Texas to California.

Original hard binding shown, 199 pages, illustrations.

Review by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson (1940 - 2005)
Updated by Jock Dempsey

"Iron is the fourth most abundant metallic element in the composition of the earth." Thus begins the introduction to a volume that I am glad to have in my own library.

Open book spoon and well hook illustrations
The authors have done a tremendous amount of research to assemble this volume. 199 pages, including Appendices, Glossary, Bibliography and Index. Divided into thirteen chapters and a conclusion, each chapter contains many plates and figures. The book provides a wealth of information concerning early Hispanic blacksmithing in New Spain. Many lists of tools and materials from Spanish archives are included.

The book is a little dry in some places, but that's typical of history books.

Detail Color Cover Illustration
Soft cover edition colorized version of R.H. Kern's depiction of a smithy at Zuñi Pueblo. From Capt. L. Stiegreaves, Report of an Expidetion Down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers, 1854. Click for detail.
Espaniol Spanish terms for anvils
Types of Spanish anvils, their names and terms.

Detail Spanish padlock and keys figures 8 and 9.
The section on 18th century locks and keys while not extensive is a good as any larger work. There are detail exploded and close up diagrams and photos of several rare old locks.

Originaly published by the Museum of New Mexico Press the new edition is produced by Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, NM.

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