Dave Manzer with 100 Pound Little Giant

Dave Manzer
Wild Rose Forge, Peers, Alberta

Powerhammer Tooling and
Forging Techniques

Video, DVD 90 minutes.

Another great power hammer video from the creator of The Little Giant Video - guru

Sample of Bang Tap Blues Video (Introduction)

REVIEW  by Jim Gerlinsky

Dave Manzer's new video "Powerhammer Tooling & Forging Techniques" picks up where he left off at the end of his first video "How to cure the Bang, Tap, Miss blues" and shows us simple tooling and it's uses. I reviewed the VHS version of this video, it's also available on DVD which should be handier to rewatch, or find different techniques. The DVD also has a table of contents.

Done in a no nonsense straight forward method he shows the tool, explains how it works, and then shows it in use. Every tool is well explained, with drawings when needed. The drawings aren't as well done as the ones in the first video, but they are clear, concise, and explain Dave's point. With simple tools, a well tuned powerhammer, (and a skilled operator) Dave shows the versatility that a powerhammer can bring to any shop.

Clamp-on die holder with fuller tool
Ball forging dies from ball bearing race.
Starting with how to use kiss blocks for sizing stock, a tool for making tenon shoulders, then using the kiss block to forge the tenon, how to use ball bearing races to make tooling and then different uses. The tools are presented in a logical order building on what was learned from the previous one. Any of these tools could easily work under an airhammer as well, but for powerhammer work most of them rely on a well tuned powerhammer.

Drawing a stem on combination dies.
Dave with power forged lilly
At 90 minutes I found it a bit long to watch in one sitting, but has a very convenient place to stop between the tools and the projects, which almost makes this two videos in one. The projects show the tooling in use, to see how he makes feathers out of angle iron is slick! By no means does the tooling take the place of the craftsman's skill, but increases efficiency and the amount of work done per heat. And then as a bonus Dave has a short bit on building and using a tumbler for finishing, finish for iron, more powerhammer tuning and a bit on mill/drill safety.

Forging a leaf in the worn "sweet spot".
Finished leaf, still hot.
The shots are close in, clear, and show exactly what's going on, and is like having a one on one class. This video is definitely worth cashing in your empties for.

Other non-power hammer methods demonstrated:

  • Hot cut in Beverly Shear
  • Hossfeld Bender in use
  • Power Taping (hole threading)
  • Upsetting in a vise
  • Hot punching with coal dust
  • Drifting
  • Tennons with Arc welder and torch
  • How to heat for long tapers in a short gas forge.
  • Tumbler Design
  • More power hammer tuning
  • Dave's custom finish
  • Safety, The hard way.


Jim Gerlinsky is a blacksmith residing in Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been a regular contributor to the anvilfire story page and is a member of CSI.   Jim's website is at www.chokecherryforge

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