Controlling Your Air Hammer Video Mark Linn, AFC

Controlling Your Air Hammer

Understanding air hammer controls

Video, VHS 30 minutes

Review by Jock Dempsey

Mark Linn

Mark Linn president of the Alabama Forge Council (AFC) and Jeff Sargent has been invloved with the Ron Kinyon "Simple Air Hammer" for many years. Their modified control method posted on the AFC web page has been used by many on their shop built hammers. Mark has also been a demonstrator/lecturer on the building of air hammers at many AFC and ABANA and chapter events.

Now Mark brings you his lecture and this valuable information on video assisted by clear animated diagrams.

GIF animation For those of you that have a hard time comprehending the relationships of what happens when and why in an air hammer this video makes it easy.

It has taken me YEARS to understand it from printed diagrams. The animations make the operation perfectly clear. Mark takes you step by step through the hardware and how it all works together. There is also a segment on air consumption with an Internet link to a source of software to help make the calculations. Examples are given and for several common size hammer and cylinder combinations and the air consumption shown.

5 port valve diagram Air hammer control circuit
Clear animated diagrams show the details of the 5 port valve operation as well as the overall operation of the system.

Mark briefly explains some of the mechanical features of his hammer but this is in no way a video about building an air hammer. It is about the controls and things relating to them. And it covers that very well. The production values in this video are better than average for the type. It comes with a printed air circuit diagram and durable plastic video case. It is well edited and moves along at a fast but not hurried pace.

If you plan on building one of these machines, or buying one, this is a valuable asset for your "toolkit".

Mark Linn
212 Park Place Way
Alabaster, AL. 35007
Cell (205) 441-3339
Price: $35 US, Includes shipping in the lower 48 states.
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