Cover 101 Metal Projects For the Novice Blacksmith Al Cannella

101 Metal Projects
For The Novice Blacksmith

A "How-to" Shop Manual for Beginners

Soft bound, 128 pages, B&W illustrations, size 8.5 x 11 inches
REVIEW  by Jock Dempsey

The projects in this book range from simple tools for the hobby smith to a variety of imaginative projects. They are in alphabetical order with no progression of difficulty level or subject.

Although sub titled as a "how-to" book there are several projects that do not include complete instructions. The projects with knife edges do not warn or explain to the novice smith that the blade must be bent into a curve with the edge side to the inside prior to forging the edge. The projects using cable fail to recommend to tighten the twist of the cable as it is heated prior to welding. Both of these are important operations that do not come naturally to the novice smith. As recommended by the seller there are other books on basic blacksmithing that cover the rudimentary processes such as, The Artist Blacksmith by Peter Parkinson.

The author also repeats the mistake of others about how to make a basket twist. He describes the backing off and tapping with a hammer method which produces uneven baskets that require a lot of adjustment. To make a smooth basket twist simply requires twisting tightly, which stretches the outer surfaces of the bars, then backing off. This works both hot and cold and produces smooth symmetrical baskets.

Other than these lapses the book is full of interesting small project ideas. While the drawings are primitive they clearly communicate what they intend. See the samples below (click for details).
Click for enlargement Project 1 Click for enlargement Project 15
Click for enlargement Project 61 Click for enlargement Project 88

The Projects:
18th Century Boot Scraper, Adjustable Support Stand, Bending Jig, Anvil Bick, Anvil Saddle Jig, Bar Stock Spring Fuller, Barbeque, Basket Weave Handle (Type 1), Basket Weave Handle (Type 2), Boot Scraper, Cable Knife, Cable Letter Opener, Candle Stand, Cheese Slicer, Circle Forming Jig, Clinker Fire Poker, Coal Rake, Coil Base Candle Holder (Type 1), Coil Base Candle Holder (Type 2), Copper Rose, Corn/Apple Drier, Courting Candle, Courting Candle Jig, Curving Jig, Decorative Table, Dinner Bell Clapper, Dinner Bell (Triangle) Jig, Double Coat Hook (Whitaker Style), Drapery Holdback (Heart Motif), Drapery Holdback (Leaf Motif), Fireplace Crane, Fireplace Log Handler, Fireplace Shovel, Fleur-de-Lis Wall Sconce, Friendship Knot Coat Hook, Frog Welding Jig, Garden Hose Rack, Garter Snake, Half Round Bottom Swage Jig, Hand Forged Nails, Hinge Pin Jig, Hole and Slot Jig, Horseshoe Bookends, Horseshoe Coat Rack, Horseshoe File Holder, Horseshoe Garden Hose Support, Hunting Knife (Railroad Spike), Insulator Candle Holder, Juvenile Elephant Clothes Holder, Lawn Soft Drink Holder, Leaf Coat Hook, Leaf Veining, Nail Header, Napkin Rings, Neckerchief Slide (For Scouts), Offset Making Jig, Oval Drift, Owl Mounting Tree, Owl Paper Weight, Paper Towel Rack, Production Type Bending Tools, Ranch Door Knocker, Rattlesnake, Reenactorís Line Rack, Right Angle Bending Jig, Ring Door Pull, Scroll Forming, Scroll Forming Jig, Sea Horse Letter Opener, Shackled Heart Tavern Puzzle, Skewer Set, Small Garden Trellis, Spoon & Fork Combo Camperís), Spring Fuller, Spring Hold Down, Stationary Bending Fork, Steer Coat Hook, Straight Tongs, Straight Tongs (Simple Type), Strap Hinge (Type 1), Strap Hinge (Type 2), Swivel Plant Hook, Table Centerpiece (Fruit Holder), Table Top Candle Holder, Texas Steer Hat Rack, Third Hand for Lone Worker, Tomahawk (Traditional), Tomahawk (Railroad Spike), Towel Rack, Trammel Hook, Trivet (Camperís), Trivet (Dutch), Trivet (Simple), Trivet (Three Scroll), Twisting Tool, Upright Hanger, Utility Hook (Early American), Wall Scone, Wall Pot Rack (Mediterranean Style), Wall Pot Rack (New England Style), Watering Can Holder For Forge.

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Poor Boy Blacksmith Tools
Waverly, TN

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