Cover : Masters of Itialian Wrought Iron - I Maestri Italiani Del Ferro Battuto Giuseppe Ciscato

The Italian Masters of Wrought Iron
I Maestri Italiani Del Ferro Battuto

Preface by Simon Benetton, Introduction by Titto Perlotto

500 Pages, 1,100 images, 9-1/2 x 13 inches, Over 8 pounds
Includes English language supplement with preface and introduction.

Samples from Pages 429 - 431

Reproduction Lock

Original Lock Original Lock Reproduction Lock Reproduction Lock
Locksmithing detail 1 blank on Italian anvil Locksmithing detail 2 forging step 1 Locksmithing detail 3 forging step 2
Making of part "b". Note the classic Italian anvil similar to those made by Nibma Forge in the U.S.
Locksmithing detail 4 forging step 3 Blocking out the masses and forming offsets.
Locksmithing detail 5 Comparing the development of the forging to a finished piece.
Locksmithing detail 6 The development of the forging. Splitting and fullering.

The art of making complex parts is understanding the logic of the steps necessary to develope the shape.

Locksmithing detail 7 The completed part.

A short series of photos also shows the die used to make the part "a" the lock end cap.

ABANA masterpiece lock
iForge series 'Locks and Keys'.

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Firenze, Italy

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