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Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated

Hardcover; 220 pages, B&W diagrams
Size 5-3/4 x 8-3/4 inches
REVIEW  by Jock Dempsey

A classic! The sections on hammer forging are the best available. There are no newer books with better or even similar information.

This is one of several basic references that almost every simple line drawing and forging process in later books is taken from. This is the SOURCE! There are almost as many pages of illustrations as there are pages of text.

Originally published in 1930 and again several times this book has been in and out of print numerous times. The current printing is by The Countryside Agency of the United Kingdom.

Many of the methods are designed for the industrial shop and as such it is one of the best power hammer manuals in existence. There are dozens of pages with step by step processes for making complex forgings.
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The book starts off with some basic equipment, brick forges of various types, the anvil, swage block then forging of a hand hammer and tongs. It then describes dozens of hand tools, anvil tools and shop tools. Techniques of punching and stamping on a power hammer are shown. Then dozens of items that make you wonder, "how DID they DO that?" are illustrated step by step.
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The power hammer techniques shown apply to small as well as large hammers. They also apply to treadle hammer and press setups. Apply one idea from the hundreds in this book and it will have more than paid for itself.

Republished by:
* The Rural Development Commission
United Kingdom

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Price $30 US
ISBN 1869964217
Copyright © 2003 by Jock Dempsey, DEMPSEY'S FORGE
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