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  Terminology (Glossary) 16
  Etymology of the Words, Locks and Keys 21
CHAPTER I What is a Lock?
The Gordian knot -Egyptian, Roman and Greek "Safe Deposit" vaults -The Egyptian lock -The Great Temple of Karnak -A Moroccan lock -Tanimbar island lock -A Maroon lock from Surinam -A lock from the Faroe Islands
CHAPTER II Metallurgy
"Le parfait Serrurier" -Ancient Egyptian keys -Ancient Roman keys (George Price) -The oldest Roman and Greek keys Lips' Collection -Keys in Dechelette's collection -Greek temple keys -Keys symbolized in Coats of Arms and Seals -ancient padlocks -Oriental padlocks -Locks and keys in the Middle Ages -sliding keys -Roman, Frankish, Merovingian and Karolingian keys -Ancient keys in the Lips' Collection -Some groups of ornamental keys of the Lips' collection -Some groups of keys from the collection "Le Secq des Tournelles" specimens of French art: Musee de Cluny, Paris -Ornamental French keys: Museo Nazionale. Florence.
CHAPTER III The First Metal Locks
iron keys with copper ornamental bows: Stiidtisches Museum -A locksmith's Bill (1709) -Collection Frans Engels, Antwerp, Belgium -Collection Dr. E. Vita Israëls, Amsterdam, Holland -Collection Museum Princessehof, Leeuwarden, Holland -Australian keys presented by Messrs. Wm. Bedford Limited, Melbourne -The key of St. Gervase of Maastricht -English ornamental keys ancient ornamental locks preserved in the Musee de Cluny, Paris, and the Museo Artistico Industriale, Rome -An old lockmaker's tool presented by Mr. J. D. Cartsens, Deventer, Holland -Ancient locks collected in Museums in Germany, France, England, Spain and other countries -Ancient locks in the Lips' Collection -Ancient locks collected in the Bayerisches National Museum, Munich -Chest lock in the Stiidtisches Museum, Nuirnberg -The lock of the in entrance door of Mons Town Hall -Collection in the Rijks Museum, Amsterdam -Old Italian and Swiss locks in the Lips' Collection -Ancient padlocks in the Lips' Collection -Old Chinese safe.
CHAPTER IV Locks and Keys and their Manufacture
- warded locks of European origin -Old locks and their bushed keyholes -warded locks.
CHAPTER V Modern Locks and their Applications
lever locks -Barron's twin tumbler lock -Bramah's lock -The Bramah-Vago lock -The Bramah-Chubb system -Cotterill's Climax -Detector lock -Chubb's lever lock -Levers -The Chubb Detector -Lips' levers -Cylinder locks -Lips' drillproof cylinders -Lock picking -Hobbs' lock picking tools -The writer and his modern lock picking tools.
CHAPTER VI Permutations in Locks and Keys..
combinations -Modern locks and their uses -Cupboard and room door locks -Lever handle and knob operated locks -Front door lever and cylinder locks -Master keyed lever locks -Master keyed cylinder locks -Fixing of locks and striking plates.
CHAPTER VII Locks for Safes and Strong Room Doors
The three and four dial letter lock -Bauche's lock -The Bramah-Chubb lock -The French letter combination click lock -The French letter repeater click lock Kromer's protector lock -Lips' key operated safe door lock -Dr. Andrew's Key-operated safe door lock -Day and Newell's key operated safe door lock -Yale's double treasury lock -Yale's double Quadruplex lock -Herring's grasshopper lock -Isham's key and combination lock.
CHAPTER VIII Safe Deposit Box Locks
Lips' changeable lever lock -Lips' interchangeable key operated lock -Lips' springless lever lock -Lips' key and combination lock combined -Yale's cylinder safe deposit box lock -Yale's changeable safe deposit box lock -sengren's safe deposit box lock -Mr. E. J. Goodnough on combination locks.
CHAPTER IX Some General Remarks on Keyless Combination Locks
letter combination locks -Kromer's letter combination lock -Cipher combination locks -Sargent's cipher combination lock -Sargent's Micrometer -Pillard's cipher combination lock -Yale's double dial pull combination lock Dexter's double dial combination lock -Jones' patent combination lock - Dexter's single dial combination lock -Lillie's patent combination lock -Lips' cipher combination lock -Chronometer time locks -Sargent's first patented time lock -Pillard's time lock -Holmes' electric time lock -Dalton's dual time lock -Automatic locking devices and time lock combined -Lips' 40-ton circular vault door

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