Cover : Masters of Itialian Wrought Iron - I Maestri Italiani Del Ferro Battuto Giuseppe Ciscato

The Italian Masters of Wrought Iron
I Maestri Italiani Del Ferro Battuto

Preface by Simon Benetton, Introduction by Titto Perlotto

500 Pages, 1,100 images, 9-1/2 x 13 inches, Over 8 pounds
Includes English language supplement with preface and introduction.

Samples from Pages 210 - 211

Rings with Dragon From conception to production.

Drawing by Giuseppe Ciscato

Tiziano Matteazzi - (Dueville) Fucina artistica Anelli da cavallo con testa di grifone forgiati da un unico pezzo quadro 60x60 mm Anelli realizzati da un unico pezzo quadro 30x30 mm Lavori eseguiti per una villa del XVI secolo. Dimensioni cm 46x26 (villa Lanfranchi) Santa Maria del Piano Parma. Opere disegnate e realizzate nella fucina artistica dell'autore


Tiziano Matteazzi - (Dueville) Forges artistic Rings from horse with head of grifone forged from a single piece shown 60x60 mm. Rings made from a single piece 30x30 mm. A job executed for an XVI Century villa.

Dimensions: 46x26 cm (Lanfranchi villa) Saint Maria of the Piano Parma. Works designed and realized in forge artistic.

Preliminary forging stage en-masse.

Forging and details completed, tongues yet to be installed.

Completed pieces with aged finish.

Many new smiths struggle with projects such as those on our anvilfire iForge page that seem to look simple. And when you actually watch a master smith making these pieces they indeed DO seem easy. But the reality is much different. "Simple" opperations like chiseling an ear do not go as planned and the metal cools too fast to punch both eyes in one heat. For the begining smith the frustration level can be very high.

The practice gained by producing quantities of an item as shown here are what gives the master smith that easy of working with hot steel. This practice gives them the confidence and ability to work fast and do more per heat. When you watch them is seems the steel stays hot for a very long time, but when YOU try it the steel cools instantly. But the steel cools just as fast for the master as for the apprentice.

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