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General Rates
  • (monthly)

    • $75 = banners on 6 pages (one or two banners)
    • $150 = banners on all pages (one to four seperate banners) saturation

  • ( 6 months)

    • $150 = banners on all hosted pages (30+ chapter/affiliate sites).
    • (1 of 4 slots randomly displayed .
    • Prepayment required.
    • Only $10/month if bought with anvilfire advertising.

  • (Forging Hammers Sales & Service Network)

    • $250 annual link listing
    • $350 annual banner listing
    • Prepayment required.
    • $25/month URL/website hosting with link listing.

  • Our Webrings

    • $30/month per banner - 4 month minimum ($120).
    • Only $10/month if bought with anvilfire advertising.
    • 1 of 6 slots
    • Rings include (~200 member sites):
      • The Blacksmiths Ring (~180 members)
      • Steelworkers Ring (~45 members)
      • County Life and Heritage (~15 members)
      • Architectural Metals Web Ring (new, no members)
      • Ancient Trades (~13 members)

Focus Account
  • $500/month
  • Banners run on ONE page excluding all others. Lower rates for certain low traffic pages.
  • Up to five banners.
  • Listing on our global drop down menu.
  • (2) Animated text banners created per account.
  • Extra banner creation $300/each. Special graphics/animation extra.
  • One "mini" page hosted at no charge. Creation at hourly rates.
  • Prepayment required.
Standard Account
  • Minimum billing $75/month. Billed on the 1st of the month following the advertising period. 30 day net.
  • (1) 468 x 60 Banner created per account if contracted for six months.
  • Banners each run on 4 pages minimum.
  • Listing on our global drop down menu.
  • Extra banner creation $300/each. Special graphics/animation extra.

Advertising can be put on your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards. All banners subject to approval. Every advertiser will be permanently listed in the

anvilfire Industrial Directory

Permanent directory listing applicable only to accounts in good standing. Those that do not pay final bills in 30 days will be removed from the advertisers directory and other link listings.

Termination of advertising:

  • Billing is based on monthly rates.
  • You may send notice by e-mail OR regular mail.
  • Banners terminated during the month will be billed for the whole month.
  • Banners will run until the end of the current month unless requested otherwise.

We can create your banner or linked ad page at reasonable rates.

August 20, 2004