Standard banners are 468 x 60 pixels. These odd dimensions were determined by Link Exchange and adopted by others. We use it so your banners are compatible with other pages and systems. GIF's or JPEG's are the formats used on the web.

It is important to keep banner file size less than 20K and some systems limit it to 10K. The type of colors and graphics used determine file size as well as the number of frames in animated banners. Keeping parts of an animated banner identical can reduce its file size when optimized by some GIF editing programs.

You can create your own banners or have someone else do it. We create at least one banner per new account if requested but must charge for creating multiple banners. Use the boxes below to sketch your banner ideas.

Banner Worksheet


Banner Aging:

On sites that have many repeat visitors such as anvilfire banners "age" as users get accustomed to seeing them. Fresh new banners get 5 to 10 times the traffic as old "tired" banners. So long term web advertisers should have a plan for replacing their banners every couple months. Ideally it is done once a month.

NEW Banner Ideas:

There are many ways of doing this. For multi-product advertisers it is easy. Change the focus of your banners to different products or groups of products. Have sales or specials on specific products or product groups. Use the logos of those products manufacturers instead of your logo. This helps change the look and color of your banner thus getting more attention. Having a monthly sale would make it simple to come up with a dozen new banner ideas.

For single product advertisers creating multiple banners is more difficult. Like the multi-product merchant you can run limited time sales or specials. Sales can be seasonal, inventory reduction, or model change. You can also change slogans or advertise a "feature" or your product such as "Made in the USA" or "High quality workmanship". Just changing the overall color of your banner or changing the location of a graphic from left to right can help "renew" the banner.

Announcing that you will be at a major convention can create attention as well as drive sales to folks that are interested in your product but don't want the hassle of dealing with shipping via common carrier.

Multiple Banners:

Running more than one banner at a time can reduce the aging of a given banner if the total impressions are the same. This reduces the need to constantly create new banners and may broaden your message. We can setup more than one banner for a single account and have them display randomly.

For increased exposure you can also run multiple banners on multiple accounts. Instead of having one or two banners with 50,000 total impressions, you can have two or three banners with a total of 100,000 or 150,000 impressions per month.


Like any advertising campaign you should have a plan for your web advertising. Banner rotation is an important part of that plan. New products, major web site changes, sales and other events should be addressed in your web advertising.

Retired banners do not need to be retired permanently. If they are still applicable they can be reused at a later date. A set of banners can be run in a scheduled sequence and then run again. Call or write to us about your web advertising planning.

Presence Only:

For some companies it is enough to mearly keep your name in the public's mind. Consider the many television ads you see that leave you wondering, what were they selling? But you remember that it was IBM or Xerox that entertained you for 30 seconds in some unique artistic manner. Or Hallmark cards that sponsored a film that commercial television would not normally consider.

Simply showing your support for may be enough of a message for your company. We have many loyal users that return over and over that appreciate those who support anvilfire. It keeps your name in the metalworking public's eye as well as getting your URL needed exposure.

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