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The AnvilCAM was established in 1999 and netcast the Y2k celebrations from around the world with feed from New Zealand and the US. Later that year there was an aborted attempt to netcast the ABANA 2000 conference from Flagstaff, AZ. Technical disasters plagued us and the netcast was a failure.

The last original AnvilCAM netcasts were of prerecorded video including the Hugh McDonald rolling mill demo in 2001. Hardware, time and connection problems forced us to abandon even the local prerecorded netcasts. It had been an expensive failed experiment.

In the inteveining 6 years our hardware and much software became unusable. So we now have some new hardware and software to test.

March 17, 2007 we netcast the Big BLU Hammer, Hammer-In from Morganton, NC. However, technical issues almost defeated us once again. Lucily one of the attendees was a networking expert and got us on-line. If was sucessful and we will try to have more of AnvilCAM in the future.


[ START ] Click on "START" in the control box below to begin loading images. Images change every 9 to 10 seconds if there is a good connection on both your end or our end. The text <-here-> will display comments or title of the current video. The TOP test entries are the most current. These refresh once a minute. The comments may be a log of the weeks titles or live running comments about the current video. Sample:

New Video Title: Comments
Saturday, 07/08/00 00:24:11 GMT
Last Video Title: Comments
Friday, 07/07/00 22:24:11 GMT
[ STOP ] Click on "STOP" in the control box below and loading will stop and the intro page and last image will be shown. Stopping the display will reduce the load on your computer.

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