Blacksmiths Twelve Commandments - 
Thou shalt not smite thine iron when it has lost it's glow.
Thou Shalt not smithe thy hammer upon thine anvil lest the shrapnel gods invade thy crotch.  
Thou shalt keep thy slack tub clean lest the vermin of illnessand stench of hell infect thy body.  
Thou shalt remove the hardie when it's task is complete lest thee and thy digits part company.  
Thou shalt not cool theye work on the floor where upon thou treadest lest thou ignite they boots.  
Thou shalt not run thy gasser over pressure lest thou reach out and touch the face of God.  
Secure they anvil well to the stump lest in thy latter days thou shalt be unable to hear they loved ones.
Refrain from placing they digits between the dies of thy power hammer.  
Keep thy bellows and blower in working condition for thou knowest that power doth upon occasion fail.  
Thou shalt not baptise thy S7 in Super Quench lest the fruits of thy labor be lost.
Thy safety glasses may appear humerous top other smiths, but thee will keep thine eyes and they may not.

Composed by Quenchcrack (TX), Chopper (Australia) and PPW (NC)
Graphic formatted by Mark Parkinson (Canada). Text typed by the guru in 2018 for search.
Truely an International effort!

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