Old Woodcut, St. Eligius snaring the Devil by his nose with his tongs.
Legends of St. Eligius
St. Dunstan

APPARENTLY these stories are applied to both St. Eligius (Ste. Eloi - FRENCH) and St. Dunstan. I expect the stories are older than the saints or the Catholic church since they are applied to both and are universal good vs. evil stories.

The first story below is told of St. Dunstan but the old woodcut to the left illustrating the same event is labeled St. Eligius.

Mayfield village, England has at its center a church carrying the name of St. Dunstan. The legends associated with him are as follows.

Legend of St. Dunstan

THE SAINT, formerly a blacksmith was working at his forge when the Devil paid him a visit, disguised as a beautiful woman, with a view to leading him astray. However St. Dunstan spotted the cloven hooves beneath the dress, and grabbed the devil's nose with his red hot pincers! Thus foiling Satan's evil intentions.

ACCORDING to another legend, Satan returned again as a weary traveller in need of a horseshoe, Dunstan saw through the disguise once again and beat the Devil until he pleaded for mercy, and swore never to enter any house with a horseshoe above the door.

See also: The Blacksmith and the Devil An old Greek folk tale.

More detailed information about St. Eligius www.newadvent.org/cathen/05386a.htm




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