Junk Yard Hammer Plans

Several people have asked about JYH plans. There WILL be sketches posted here. In a few days I will post sketches of the "as found" design, followed by photos.

However, the JYH is a scrounger's project and every one built SHOULD be different. When I went looking for a rear axle I knew roughly what I wanted. I was willing to take whatever kind was available cheap. It seems the price is pretty consistent. I found several at $50 US. I took the one that was complete AND the fellow offered to deliver. A higher reduction rear-end would have been better but I took what was convenient at the time. I was lucky, it had brand new brakes AND two flanges suitable for bolting it down. I'll take advantage of both. I was also given an old V-8 engine block (anvil stand), front pulley and matching belts! You can't beat FREE so I will design around these items. I was also offered a 10 foot piece of RR-rail free today! If it were 100 miles closer I would be on the way there now. If I'd had more time to ask around and do more scrounging like I did in the "old days" it might have been possible to build the whole thing without purchasing any materials! As it is I think it will be well within my $200 budget.

There was a JYH "plan book" to be offered will be a guide and design manual. Because of the variables of the "junque", scrounged parts, and individual budgets it would be impossible to provide specific plans.