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Saturday Dec 16, 2017 - 14/42
NEVER, Run a power hammer of any type without both of the dies, sow block and anvil installed. It only takes one stroke going too far to wreck a power hammer. 1/2" (1 cm) too far is all it takes. Replacement dies must also not be too short. Hammers with separate anvils have a critical height which they must not be set lower than OR be allowed to settle beyond. If you do not know, ask or make some measurements and figure it out . - guru

   FOR SALE  Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb:
Priced to sell
Two years old with low hours. Excellent Condition

Air operated. Compressor Available.

Variable settings range from heavy blows to light tapping.
You can also set it to clamp and hold your work piece.
Very easy to feed work into the dies.

Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb

Listed by : Joe Greyson - Friday, 01/27/17 SOLD! Feb 3, 3017

   FOR SALE  Rail Road Touchmark:
thumbnail "N&WRY" Handled metal stamp from the Norfolk and Western blacksmith shop in Roanoke VA. Punch is 5-1/4" long and 1-1/2" wide. The wood handle is 17-1/4" long. Letters stand for "Norfolk & Western Rail Yard"

This a very rare and unique collector's item from a world renowned rail road shop

Norfolk and Western Rail Yard Blacksmith Shop Stamp

Listed by : Jock Dempsey - Sunday, 04/03/11 17:14:21 EDT

   FOR SALE  Scranton and co mechanical powerhammer:
6000 OBO  
I'm currently taking offers on my power hammer. I'm looking into making a small upgrade in my shop and need the room and funds. This is a great running machine that will out work any other mechanical hammer it's size.

This is a Scranton and co (formerly beldon) 25lb ram weight mechanical leaf spring hammer.

I've done quite a bit of work and have had a lot of work done to this machine. From machining to fabricating all to make this hammer run like a top! Don't let the paint job fool you, she is a beast through and through!

Here's a list of all that's been done,
- new treadle
- all new shims around the anvil
- remachined dovetails in the ram and sow
block for the dies
- 2 sets of new dies, drawing and flat
- re-shimed and tightened the guides
- new connection bearing
- new clutch pin
- new belting all the way around
- comes with extra belting and lacing tool
- newer 2hp high tourqe motor
- a frame crack professional repaired

A note to the frame crack; I am a professional welder yet have never welded cast iron before, so I bit the bullet and called in someone who does it on an almost daily basis to make the repair. I supervised the whole process and he did a great job and we discovered the crack originated from sand trapped in the casting.

She is live, running, and ready for a test run.

Located in zip code 61272,
Contact me via email at

Listed by : Sam - Monday, 02/27/17 17:58:39 UTC

   FOR SALE  South Bend Lathe:
South Bend Lathe 13" swing
Bed Length 5'
Catalog Number CL 145 B

With tooling, quick change tool post and Jacob
drill chuck and 3 and 4 jaw chucks

Mounted on wooden pallet for easy transport
Price firm

Contact Bob Fugelo 215-768-1949

Listed by : Bob Fugelo - Sunday, 04/23/17 13:22:33 UTC

   FOR SALE  50 lb little giant power hammer :
Totaly rebuilt by Ben Lund of montana. Has brass bushings with grease zerts. Combination flattening, drawing dies. 220 motor. Runs and works excellent. For more info e-mail.

Listed by : Ed Auger - Monday, 05/15/17 14:11:57 UTC

   FOR SALE  50 lb Fairbanks/Dupont Hammer:
50 lb rated weight hammer. I have entirely rebuilt this hammer. Hammer will hit a single blow accurately or hit at 300+ BPM. This hammer will draw stock from 1/4-2". Included are hammer with all linkages, rear mounted jackshaft that allows garage or similar low ceiling installation, low rpm SINGle Phase 2 hp motor, wood timber base and 4 sets of dies. This hammer functions flawlessly, is already at work in my shop and price is FOB. Located in Maine. Serious inquiries please Email for more information.

Listed by : Aaron - Tuesday, 08/01/17 07:27:24 EDT

   FOR SALE  Chambersburg Utility Hammer:
400 lb ram. Utility or "steam hammer". Good working order, running on air.

Listed by : Charles - Monday, 08/07/17 17:09:58 EDT

   FOR SALE  power hammer:
6000$ US  
New style Little Giant, good working order, one set of flat narrow dies.

A motor will have to be found as I'm keeping the actual one for a press.

Bright yellow.

6000$ US, can be discussed.

Buyer will manage and pay for shipping but of course I can give some help for transportation contacts.

The hammer is located in Qu├ębec, Canada.
pictures upon request

Thank you.

Listed by : Antoine - Tuesday, 09/12/17 06:51:28 EDT

   FOR SALE  100 new model Little Giant:
3500 USD  

This is a new model 100# Little Giant Power Hammer located in North Central Ohio. No motor or belt provided. Power hammer is in very good condition.

Listed by : Bob - Wednesday, 09/13/17 11:00:07 EDT

   FOR SALE  Little Giant Hammer new style 50:

50 lb hammer rebuilt by Sid Suedmeier about 12-13 years ago. New combo dies, electrics, hardware, toggle arms, toggle links, pins, clutch blocks, Babbitt bearings and flywheel pin. Adjustable clutch linkage, Marathon HD 2 hp single phase motor 220 volt. Previously owned by a knife make so not a lot of hours on it. Great shape and a pleasure to run. #6025 originally sold on 8-7-1941 in Lubbock Tx
Buyer must pick up, I have no way to transport or lift.
Weighs 2000 lbs.

Listed by : Peter Martin - Tuesday, 11/07/17 23:31:47 EST


   WANTED  Unique Well made tools: :
Looking for small blacksmith and job shops to make tools for resale. We will provide detail drawings OR you may submit your designs. Need vendors to make common steel and sheet metal fabrications, small machine shops, welding and blacksmith shops. Prefer Eastern US or Southeast to reduce inbound shipping costs.


- guru - Tuesday, 03/29/11 19:30:01 EDT

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