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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

Antiques - things more valued for their age and ancient style than present utility.

Collectibles - more valued for their intrinsic nature and their investment value.

For working tools see Blacksmith Tools and Shop Tools
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   FOR SALE  Rail Road Touchmark:
thumbnail "N&WRY" Handled metal stamp from the Norfolk and Western blacksmith shop in Roanoke VA. Punch is 5-1/4" long and 1-1/2" wide. The wood handle is 17-1/4" long. Letters stand for "Norfolk & Western Rail Yard"

This a very rare and unique collector's item from a world renowned rail road shop

Norfolk and Western Rail Yard Blacksmith Shop Stamp

Listed by : Jock Dempsey - Sunday, 04/03/11 17:14:21 EDT

   FOR SALE  Colonial era English anvil:
Pictures and a description of this anvil can be found on this web site under "donated anvil images" (click on thumbnail). It is titled a Colonial Era English Anvil pictures from Scott Smith. It has no welded surface plate, it is solid wrought and is very hard with a very good hammer bounce with a nice ring. The ring is best described as a tenor "bong".

It is located in Gloversville, NY, the southern end of the Adirondack Moutains near Albany.

Listed by : Scott K Smith - Sunday, 04/24/11 16:53:42 EDT

   FOR SALE  Gilbert Company metal puzzles:
Set of 21 iron ring and link separation puzzles in original box with pamphlet of directions. Dates from 1920. Price includes shipping in the U.S.

Listed by : Frank Turley - Monday, 07/04/11 07:11:17 EDT

   FOR SALE  Bickern (Stake Anvil):
Bickern (Stake Anvil) out of Texas. Overall height 21.5"; horn-point to horn-point 19.75"; spike length 4"; body 2" square with chamfering. Slight horn droop and central face is mushroomed. Surface pitting. Assumed to be all wrought iron.

Listed by : Frank Turley - Saturday, 06/16/12 10:54:21 EDT

   FOR SALE  Columbia anvil:
I don't know  
This is a feeler to see if anyone would be interested in a Columbia hardware company anvil. Although these anvils were produced from 1904 to 1925, this particular one is a world war II relic. I acquired it from shop 31 which was the propeller and forge shop. The building is now out of service, however it is one of the few remaining buildings that are original to pearl harbor naval shipyard. This anvil is from there and is full of history. Contact me for pictures, the only thing I don't know about this it is it's weight, however it is estimated at 250+lbs.

Listed by : Omar perez - Monday, 08/13/12 23:59:24 EDT

   FOR SALE  Little Giant and Champion Blower:
All 3 Power Hammers are 220V, single chasse.
Hammers are mounted on solid 2 1/2" thick hardwood pallets with two pieces of 3/4" allthred running full width.
They have new babbit bearings with extra shims for future wear, new dies in each hammer (completely reconditioned & many extra features on each hammer).

Showroom CLEAN & each hammer is ready to run!

These hammers have very positive foot control, fast or slow - no slack in pedal action. All hammer ways are true, very little slack.

There is automatic breaking on each hammer, so the hammer stops at top of stroke. In addition, I have rebuilt one 100 LB Little Giant, one 50 LB Little Giant, as well as one 25LB Little Giant for private parties, so I do have knowledge and experience in rebuilding and the servicing of these machines.

In total, I have reconditioned and repaired six hammers!

~~~~~~~~~~~~LITTLE GIANT 50 LB OLDER MODEL~~~~~~~~~~~

Leather clutch drive
220v - 2hp - 1140 RPM
Single Phase runs clockwise or counter-clockwise - drum switch controls rotation of motor -by doing this, the hammer parts wear evenly.
Hammer runs in either rotation
All replacement parts ordered from Sid Suedmeire.
New oversize drawing dies on top & bottom
New wedges
New toggle spring
New shifting collar
Fly wheel turned true for braking system
Full guard system - lift on and off
Pully is 4" flat belt drive
Grease zerts added in some locations
Toggle arms rebuilt
Brass shifting collar rebuilt
Hammer head rebuilt
Hammer with motor & pallet weight: approx 1700lbs


Buyer arranges loading and hauling - NO SHIPPING OF THIS ITEM

Please call John for more information


Locatied in Auburn, CA



Listed by : John Pascuzzi - Friday, 04/26/13 17:53:50 EDT

   FOR SALE  Champion No. 400 Forge Blower:
Appears to be in excellent condition, still turns free, has been tucked away inside a building for many years.

Listed by : Ashley - Friday, 09/06/13 15:27:20 EDT

   FOR SALE  Vintage Blacksmith Equipment:
I have Coal forges, post drills and leg/post vices available all in good working condition.
I am located in Williston, Florida.
Contact Ken @ 352-279-2958 or e-mail @

Listed by : Ken - Monday, 11/16/15 16:33:46 UTC

   FOR SALE  Champion blower and forge:
600 obo  
Antique portable coal forge. I found inside of a barn I purchased in great shape and works perfectly. All original nothing missing. Guessing it's from 1880s . call or text I will send pics and answer any questions 9032611010

Listed by : Jason roland - Sunday, 04/17/16 05:27:26 UTC

   FOR SALE  1880s champion blower and forge:
Antique portable coal forge and blower all in working order well kept out of weather . Has all original parts. Call or text for photos Jason Roland 9034319941 or email

Listed by : Jason roland - Saturday, 04/23/16 18:07:02 UTC

   FOR SALE  Antique Blacksmiths Bellows:
65 Inch Antique Blacksmith's Bellows. Make me an offer

Listed by : Benoit Akoa - Saturday, 01/28/17 12:25:16 UTC

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