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Used Tools, Machinery, Equipment, Buy and Sell

The Tailgate

photo group power hammer, anvils, hammers, tongs, swage blocks
Welcome to the NEW anvilfire Tailgate sales page. This is our new prototype eMarket / flea market, also known as "tailgating" in the blacksmithing community. An on-line flea market or "boot" sale in the spirit of the old Blacksmiths Junkyard.

This is a public sales page for listing tools, machinery, goods, advertising your ebay sales and selling anything legal and appropriate for our venue.

This version is a preliminary system with few features and limited category pages. More categories will be added according to demand. Our fully developed system will be database driven and have many more advanced features. If you are buying OR selling please read our Terms of Service.

Millions of dollars in sales can be directly attributed to advertising on! Tools and machinery SELLS on anvilfire!

   Antiques   ( 11 )  
   Blacksmith Tools   ( 64 )  
   Craft Work   ( 1 )  
   Machinery   ( 19 )  
   Blacksmith Related   ( 19 )  
   Miscellaneous   ( 3 )  
   Scrap, Junk, Extras   ( 5 )  
   Shop Tools   ( 4 )  
   Welding Equipment   ( 1 )  
   Services   ( 1 )  
   ADD Your Listing   
   Pay Fees   

BUYER TIP OF THE DAY : Beware the Painted Lady
Friday May 24, 2019 - 14/26
Watch out for tools and machines that normally have bare metal surfaces that have been painted. A painted anvil face can hide pits, cracks or weld repairs. Machines that have not been used in many years often have ways (sliding surfaces) that have been painted and must have the paint scraped off to opperate. Ask yourself why the machine was not kept in operating condition.

Featured (real) Sample Listings

   FOR SALE  Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb:
Priced to sell at $4000 ($6,000 new)
Two years old with low hours. Excellent Condition

Air operated. Compressor Available.

Variable settings range from heavy blows to light tapping.
You can also set it to clamp and hold your work piece.
Very easy to feed work into the dies.

Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb

Listed by : Joe Greyson - Friday, 01/27/17 SOLD! Feb, 2, 2017

   FOR SALE  HIAB 710-1 Truck Crane:
$3500 OBO  
thumbnail Nice self contained Swedish machine that will pick up 4 tons in close and 1.5 tons stretched to its 16 foot max. Folds up behind the cab in about a 2 foot space 8 foot wide. Has its own engine and an electric remote. Could be mounted on a trailer since it has its own power unit.

336-367-3499 Pickup Only
HIAB Truck Crane Details

Listed by : Jock Dempsey - Friday, 04/01/11 10:02:04 EDT

   FOR SALE  Rail Road Touchmark:
thumbnail "N&WRY" Handled metal stamp from the Norfolk and Western blacksmith shop in Roanoke VA. Punch is 5-1/4" long and 1-1/2" wide. The wood handle is 17-1/4" long. Letters stand for "Norfolk & Western Rail Yard"

This a very rare and unique collector's item from a world renowned rail road shop

Norfolk and Western Rail Yard Blacksmith Shop Stamp

Listed by : Jock Dempsey - Sunday, 04/03/11 17:14:21 EDT


   WANTED  Unique Well made tools: :
Looking for small blacksmith and job shops to make tools for resale. We will provide detail drawings OR you may submit your designs. Need vendors to make common steel and sheet metal fabrications, small machine shops, welding and blacksmith shops. Prefer Eastern US or Southeast to reduce inbound shipping costs.


- guru - Tuesday, 03/29/11 19:30:01 EDT

   Antiques   ( 11 )  
   Blacksmith Tools   ( 64 )  
   Craft Work   ( 1 )  
   Machinery   ( 19 )  
   Blacksmith Related   ( 19 )  
   Miscellaneous   ( 3 )  
   Scrap, Junk, Extras   ( 5 )  
   Shop Tools   ( 4 )  
   Welding Equipment   ( 1 )  
   Services   ( 1 )  
   ADD Your Listing   
   Pay Fees   
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