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These are some of our favorite sites, sites we've traded links with or sites we consider important. Many other links are distributed throughout this site within topics in true Hyper text fashion.

  • EMILE'S BLACKSMITHING LINKS  Nothing BUT links to blacksmithing and foundry sites and sources. This page was formerly on Tripod but is now hosted on anvilfire.
  • ABANA   Artists Blacksmiths Association of North America. A non-profit organization. The starting place of the American blacksmithing movement.
  •   Chapter central directory and hosting site. Locate the chapter nearest you. Host site of over 40 NEW chapter web sites.

  • Alabama Forge Council   An ABANA chapter. AFC publishes Bituminous Bits and has a number of interesting how-to articles including modifications to the Ron-Kinyon air-hammer controls. See their page for info about the Tannehill Conference in September.
  • Arador Armour Library   A great site to learn how to make armor, with a discussion board if you need a question answered.
  • The Armour Archive   Info on Medieval armour on the internet. Focus on the Medieval and Dark Ages Eras
  • ArtMetal Village.  Very artistic site, encompassing many disciplines. Hosts a moderated Thursday night chat on various subjects.
  • Artgawk  The unique sculpture, artwork and humor of Peter Fels and Phoebe palmer. A DMOZ "cool" site.
  • ASM - American Society for Metals International: Researches and publishes engineering references about metals, their manufacture, fabrication and testing. Has on-line bookstore. Most other services require membership. If you are going to purchase more than one of their references the membership discount generally will offset the membership. Membership open to all at a resonable cost. Has local chapters.
  • Web site of Michele De Seta , Brooklyn, N.Y, artist blacksmith and commercial welding.
  • aussies.gif
    ConstructIt Engineering Industries incorporating Australian Blacksmith Supplies. Or mail to:

    BABA  British Artists Blacksmiths Association, web site. Member services. Links to other metals sites and British Blacksmiths Magazine.

  • Blacksmith Chic  The web page of Lorelei Sims, artist blacksmith.
  • Blacksmith's Gazette  Editor: Fred Holder
  • CALCULATORS ON-LINE   * Martindale's * The Reference Desk *   The most complete listing of on-line calculators and conversion sites on the Internet.   Currently lists over 18,565 Calculators.   Our Mass3j is listed here.

  • Comal Forge  Artist-Blacksmith, Hollis Wooldridge of Central Texas. CSI member.
  • Cottonwood Forge   Samuel L. Dembitsky, Blacksmithing, Demos, Forge and Blower rebuilding and sales
  • The Celtic Knot Logo
    The Celtic Knot Forge One of the more artistic sites on the net. Blacksmithing videos available.
    Home of the Elektric Anvil a compendium of resources and how-to.

  • CHAIN MAKING AND MUSHROOM GREEN  Ron Moss and Chainmaking in the Black Country of England.
  • COAL ANALYSIS DATA  Penn State Coal Sample Bank and Database & WWW subset. Where DOES the best coal come from?
  • COAL DATA - WEST VA  West Virginia coal quality data via the internet.
  • CR logo
    The Crafts Report Online

    A resource for craftspeople and buyers offering national news and information on industry issues, trends, business management, craft shows, craft resources and suppliers to the industry.

  • CVBG  Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild, Richmond area ABANA chapter.
  • NEW!  Damasteel AB  Damascene steels in billets, bars, sheets, or strips with decorative patterns.
  • DIXIE GUN WORKS  Their site is not nearly as informative as their catalog. They sell, guns, kits and tools. Many of the tools are useful in other fields. Catalog is more than worth the price as a reference.
  • Endangered Species Art  Donald & Peggy Pimpler. Its more art than blacksmithing but these folks produce some interesting work!
  • - Fly and screw press information, dealers, sizing and safety.
  • Don Fogg Web Site  Home of The Way of Bladesmithing and Craft of Bladesmithing.
  • FORGING Magazine  A Penton publication for the forging industry. Includes a great suppliers link list for commercial products.
  • FORGE & ANVIL  is the first television series dedicated to blacksmithing and metal work, produced by the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education in Athens, Georgia. They have a great blacksmithing links list.
  • FOUNDRY101.COM Small home shop foundry info from the "casting cowboy".
  • FWR Engineering Blacksmiths, Australia  Located in Perth, Western Australia FWR produces the complete gamut of blacksmith work from decorative to industrial.
  • GREENWOOD IRONWORKS  Josh Greenwood, Architectual Blacksmith, Petersburg, VA.
  • A History of Welding  From Hesphestos to Apollo. Chronicles the history of welding from 3000 BC to 2000 AD.
  • The Howard Academy for the Metal Arts  The Academy offers career training for jewelers, goldsmiths and metalsmiths. Located in Stoughton, WI, USA.
  • Howick Historical Village  Auckland, New Zealand. Our first test site for the anvilfire! AnvilCAM! Thanks for the help!
  • Industrial Press  Publishers of the Guru's favorite technical reference Machinery's Handbook
  • KAYNE & SON  Custom Hardware, Inc. Dealers in fine blacksmithing tools and machinery including Fly Presses, saws and finishing equipment.
  • Kick Wheel Pottery Supply  Discount pottery kilns and wheels, qlazes, books, tools, chemicals, sold online.
    These folks carry borax, flourite and fireclays. They also have good information including:
    Chemical names and uses.html
    Chemical & clay list with prices
  • NEW!  Klingspor's Woodworking Shop   ( handles a large selection of tools, supplies and sanding products for both the hobbyist and professional woodworker.
  • (KNIVES)  Jöel Becker's unbelievable collection of antique anvil photos (Many from his anvil collection). French - If you don't read French, go to: Les Enclumes, c'est beau... je collectionne... and Photos d'enclumes d'amis

  • LIVELY KNIVES   Web site of Tim Lively Professional Knifemaker. Includes knife making and forge forums. A common sense approach to "Neo-Tribal" without the heavy philosphy.

  • McMaster-Carr's Web Page  These folks carry EVERYTHING industrial, sell in virtually any quantity and stock the items in their catalog!
  • MEIER STEEL  The spectacular laminated "Damascus" steels of grandpa Daryl Meier.
  • METAL WEB NEWS  Plans, Plans and more plans for all kinds of tools and machinery. Also links to other metal working sites.
  •  Support page for metalworkers. A great selection of links, projects files, shareware. Lists of organizations and publications. If its metalworking related you will find it here!
  • MP Metalworks  Web site and on-line store of Matthew Parkinson (swordmatt). Knives, swords, weapons, all kinds of smithy stuff. CSI Member.
  • 20th Century History Museum  Located in down town San Bernardino in a turn of the century industrial building. Original machine shop, complete with jack shaft and flat belts.

  • Saugus Ironworks  This is the site of the first integrated ironworks in North America, 1646-68. Saugus, Massachusetts (North of Boston, South of Salem).
  • Hopewell Furnace  This is one of the finest examples of a rural American 19th century iron plantation. Elverson, PA (Near Reading).

  • NEW!  NIMBA ANVILS  American made cast steel anvils from Russel Jaqua of Nimba Forge. Three models, the Gladiator, Centurion and Titan.
  • - Antique and modern lock and key information.
  • Odin Forge  Fine Metalwork and Ironcrafting The web page of Brian Rognholt.
  • Paw Paws Forge  Jim "Pawpaw" Wilson's Forge web site. Blacksmith demonstrator at Historic Bethbara Park, Winston Salem NC. Originator of the term JYH!
  • Randal Guess Knives Hand made knives by Randal Guess,

  • The Real Wrought Iron Co.  Makers of wrought Iron. North Yorkshire, England
  • Repousse'  Tools for the metal artist. Hammers, punches, chassing tools, pitch.
  • The ROCKRIDGE BLOOMERY  How wrought iron is made by the bloomery process. This is a non-commercial R&D project exploring the unknowns about a process that was used for several millinia. Great information for the historian or metalurgist.
  • RON REIL  Ron Reil's Burner Page Hosted at ABANA.
  • Johan Sangberg  Artist Blacksmith/Webbdesign, webpages in Swedish and English, Webmaster for the Swedish Artist Blacksmith Association ( Under construction, Swedish only for the moment )
  • Scrimshaw Art by Mary W. Bailey  Mary's work is beautiful alone but could be used on the handles or inserts in your metalwork. Her page also includes links to knifemakers and other scrimshaw sites.

  • SKY FORGE METALWORKS  Architectural/Ornamental Blacksmith Shop and School of Andrew Rice.
  • Skipjack Press  Home of The NEW Edge of the Anvil by Jack Andrews. anvilfire review
  • Smyth Boone Wrought Iron - Decorative wrought iron work by blacksmith Mike Smyth Boone.
  • Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop  Bits sharpened, Tools manufactured, Farrier Supplies. The animated 100# Little Giant forging a bit is worth the look!
  • Suits of Armor by Vandelay. Selling full suits of medieval knights armour, armor.

  • - Swage block information, gallery of antique and new blocks, type definitions.
  • Tinman Tech  TM Technologies, the world of sheetmetal working as applied to autobody and aircraft work. Tools and how-to
  • Tim Lively Knives Tim and Marian Lively -- Handmade Knives
  • Turley Forge Blacksmithing School
    The granddaddy of blacksmithing schools. Three week and one week intensive courses. Santa Fe, NM.
  • VIKING SWORD  (Non-Profit) Everything you wanted to know about Viking swords.
  • Wallace Metal Work   Bruce Wallace, Blacksmith, New and Used Blacksmithing Equipment. Home of NAZEL, Fairbanks and Beaudry power hammers. Dealer for NC-Tool, Peddinghaus and KA-hammers.
  • Waterfall Forge  (Formerly Custom Copper Forge) Copper and bronze waterfalls by Buddy Holmes webmaster for LAMA.
  • Wilkinson Sword  - military swords makers. Wilkinson Sword Ltd. Royal sword makers since 1772. Swords for sale, sword renovations, military swords, dress swords, presentation.
  • Yucaipa Valley Forge   Klaus Duebbert, lead Blacksmith at the San Bernardino County California Museum and blacksmithing instructor.

  • Patrick Dempsey
    Graphics art student and son of the guru. Includes link to Patrick's web page!
    Credits, anvilfire logo, chain art. . .
    Americana - Old Grist Mill real estate with Blacksmith Shop.
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