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Full Tilt Features - Desktop Funnies

Donald Trump talking to would be apprentice.  Blacksmiths get the best women.
Why do you deserve to be my apprentice, Ashton?

Well, Mr. Trump, I'm dedicated, driven and I understand business.

Business? No, No. . . . I'm looking for an apprentice blacksmith.
I want to pass on my knowledge.

Really? YOU? Is there money in blacksmithing?

Come closer,
(whispering)     Blacksmiths get the best women.

Blacksmiths also need to be trained in business. Most blacksmiths are self employed and do everything themselves. That means needing to know how to calculate shop costs and make estimates that don't lose money. Many modern blacksmiths are in the same boat as "starving artists". The reason being the lack of basic business and accounting skills neither of which are taught by art, craft or trade schools (unless your "trade" is accounting).

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Two men at Whitney's Distillery drinking moonshine in front of a cotton gin removing seeds for the still. . .
"You know, Eli, maybe someday they'll find a use for this white fluffy stuff."

Eli Whitney's (1765 - 1825)cotton gin was one of the great inventions of the 19th century. He went on to develop the modern system of manufacturing using interchangeable parts in the United States. This came to be known as the "American system of manufacturing" even though the original idea came from the French gunsmith Honore Le Blanc.
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