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Bumble Bee with welding stinger striking an arc. Cartoon by Sage Werbock, color by Jock Dempsey

"The rare & impressive WELDERBEE
You can tell by the STINGER! "

So that's why they cal it a "stinger"!

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Man studying book 'Forging 101' surrounded by hammers with little doll dress on them, little girl in background crying.  Joe fails on first attmpt at dressing hammers.


Dressing Hammer faces is an important skill in blacksmithing. This is more true today than it was in the past. In the past even the most common factory hammers were carefully machine and hand dressed to the proper profile. Today many are sold rough dressed (heavy chamfers only) or are very poorly dressed by untrained low wage workers.

Dressing Hammer Faces FAQ
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