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The Old Welder Comics shop tips safety and shop stories by Frank Tabor Drill bit going DOWN one hole and coming UP through another.
Drill bit going DOWN one hole and coming UP through another!

Impossible projections and optical illusions are a staple in the engineering and drafting trades. This one is a "new twist".
Impossible projections or graphics
Common impossible drawings or optical illusions.

Comic of the day! Don't miss it!

Two anvils relaxing in an oak barrel slack-tub hot tub
The Hot-Tub Party. Anvils relaxing after hours.

Why your anvils are wet and rusting in the morning.

Many of us like to relax in the hot-tub after a long day.

The fact is rust is driven largely by condensation. Metal items, especially heavy ones remain cool as the air around them warms and picks up more moisture. When that warm moist air finds your tools water collects on them and rust is the end result. Kepping tools and machinery stored where the temperature is constant will reduce condensation and rust.
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