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Jock Dempsey -- guru at - Monday, 07/27/98 & 03/01/99

FOR SALE! 25 lb champion trip hammer. no motor. $500.00
Must have some way to get this thing home from Sacramento, California.
Please email for photo. Thanks!

Laura -- parkerl at - Monday, 08/02/99 02:03:46 GMT

great to read the posts here ...I'm new to the trade ..learning as i go along the process of setting the backyard and shed as a shop ...looking forward to an interesting process of becoming decent at it ...look forward to any pointers ...I'm into the sword smithing sandcasting lost wax casting side of things ...Shaun in Australia

DewGraal -- bluestflame at - Monday, 08/02/99 10:58:02 GMT

Hello, my first time to post a message. I am glad my wife fianally drug me into the 20th century and got us a computer and hooked us up to the internet. Was thrilled to no end to find kindered souls in blacksmithing on the net. my question is i have a Central Mach. Works power hammer fo sale and have no idea how much its worth? It was installed new in a auto factory aprox. 15 years ago. It is a model B1. and in good shape. any info will be greatly appreciated.

Stiffy -- mklbjean at - Tuesday, 08/03/99 02:28:55 GMT

If my friend Benny Rodgers of Florida is on the net please send me y our e-mail adress. I need to hear from you before festival time. Yours simply, Mike

Stiffy -- mklbjean at - Tuesday, 08/03/99 02:33:00 GMT


A lot depends on the location of the hammer, and what it's head weight is. Given that information, we can give you a better idea as to value.

Paw Paw Wilson -- pawpaw at - Tuesday, 08/03/99 13:18:11 GMT

Wootze Steel discoveries:

Try the following website and back links:
Crucible steel on the 10th century Silk Road.

Bruce Blackistone (Atli) -- bruce_blackistone at - Tuesday, 08/03/99 17:17:21 GMT

hey, did anyone ever come up with a name for the power hammer event at ABANA 2000?

Youngsmith out

Youngsmith -- youngsmith at - Thursday, 08/05/99 18:24:58 GMT

Sorry for how late I'm posting on the subject, but if there is no name, how's about S.M.A.S.H. (Self Made And Styled Hammers) then it could be the SMASH in!

Youngsmith out

Youngsmith -- youngsmith at - Thursday, 08/05/99 18:30:38 GMT

Youngsmith, Not yet. Still looking for something as catchy as JYH. . . I kind of liked the ARM hammer. Gotta move on it and post the page for it. Been waiting for that GREAT name! Good try. I do like it. try some other words to fit.

Jock D. -- webmaster at - Thursday, 08/05/99 21:51:37 GMT

How about The Hammer of Righteousness - THOR

Andy -- anjmorrison at - Thursday, 08/05/99 22:27:00 GMT

How about The Hammer of Righteousness - THOR

Andy -- anjmorrison at - Thursday, 08/05/99 22:27:10 GMT


A name for the Anvilfire Hammer Contest at ABANA2K, huh.

Well, let's see now....... If we build the







and then we build the







We could call the contest the





(evil grin)

Paw Paw Wilson -- pawpaw at - Friday, 08/06/99 04:30:03 GMT

Ah, Jim. I'll let you research the copyright issues.

Jock D. -- webmaster at - Friday, 08/06/99 14:52:43 GMT


Well we could always change it to





This Year,

instead of Cheapest. Could change both parts of the name.


Paw Paw Wilson -- pawpaw at - Friday, 08/06/99 15:05:57 GMT

Hi. I'm looking to sell off an extra "Champion Midway" Forge and "Champion" blower. Both are in good condition. If you're interested, please contact me.

Kurt Ulrich -- big_t_forge at - Monday, 08/09/99 18:14:03 GMT

If anyone has the address for Benny Rodgers in Florida, could they please e-mail it to me. I lost his snail mail address and i need to get ahold of him before the PCCB festival. thanks, Mike

Stiffy -- mklbjean at - Monday, 08/09/99 21:58:06 GMT

Jock Dempsy, have you ever considered selling your portable forge out fit displayed in blacksmithing into the 21 century? Either the origanal or a new manfg. one. This looks like a good time saver for smithys doing outdoor shows. thanks Mike

Stiffy -- mklbjean at - Tuesday, 08/10/99 17:30:10 GMT

I've lost the all my e-mail addresses after computer meltdown. I need to get in contact with Andrew Rokeby-Thomas a Canadian smith. If anyone knows how I can get hold of him, please let me know.Mike the Israeli smith

mike manzie -- manzie at - Tuesday, 08/10/99 17:48:10 GMT


If you're talking about the ultimate portable forge/trailer, you're too late! I got it! I persuaded the Museum where I demonstrate to purchase it for me. (grin) It's been refurbished, and looks and works great! I have to take a series of pictures this weeks sometime for the Museum. I'll digitize them for my own files, too.

Paw Paw Wilson -- pawpaw at - Tuesday, 08/10/99 22:09:24 GMT

Paw Paw, looks like the early bird gets the worm again. congrats, Stiffy

Stiffy -- mklbjean at - Thursday, 08/12/99 08:03:48 GMT


Let me hasten to add that I don't mind shareing the wealth. If you you are anywhere near central North Carolina, I'll be glad to show the forge trailer to you, help you measure, and draw so you can bukld one for yourself. If you're not within driving range, I'll make you a set of pictures when I do that.

Paw Paw Wilson -- pawpaw at - Thursday, 08/12/99 13:12:46 GMT

Hello fellow smiths.. I am looking for the following books on Blacksmithing ...Blacksmith Cookbook Recipes in Iron .. Also a German one name as follows...Werk und Werkzeug des Kunstschmieds/Author Verlag-Ernst WasmuthTubingen{has excellent pictures}..Any ideas where I can get these ?? I will be back in North Bay Ont on my own computer on Monday 16th 1999...Thnks Barney the Blacksmith in North Bay

Barney -- barney at - Thursday, 08/12/99 23:57:24 GMT

This is a really good group of pages I am a very new blacksmith but am no stranger to metalworking im a journeyman welder pipefitter from local #157

david -- lynn1 at - Friday, 08/13/99 01:43:45 GMT

Barny --
You need to contact Norm Larson, of Norm Larson Books. I don't have his e-mail here, but can look it up if you'd like. Norm had them both at the Caniron 2 conference, as well as a whole slew of others.

Morgan Hall -- morganh at - Friday, 08/13/99 15:47:48 GMT

i have a nazel 3b mint condition for sale any one interested give me a call at 954-545-0089 or e-mail me the hammer will go fast so hurry

ray nager -- metal8481 at - Friday, 08/13/99 15:52:33 GMT


I know that the South has many 'unique' words and spellings, but you have a new one! "...draw so you can bukld one for yourself."
I am not really sure I want to know what you guys are planning!

SO whats up? Have not seen you posting much lately.


Ralph -- ralphd at - Friday, 08/13/99 17:17:17 GMT

Kinyon style hammer controls -gotta be another way?

Love my hammer "the beast" (pic on the power hammer pages). However I am less than thrilled about the way of actuating the pilot valve. Currently I'm using the roller mechanism that works when the hammer passes the roller. Any of you folks pneumatically inclined?? I'm wondering about another accuation method - magnetic - electrical - optical??
Don't get me wrong -- control the current way is GREAT. It's the little roller that can get out of whack real quick that I don't like.

Plain ol "Bill" -- wcottr at - Friday, 08/13/99 20:01:35 GMT

Plain ol "Bill,

This web site has a modified Kinyon control circuit.
Do not know if you have seen it or not.

Ralph -- ralphd at - Friday, 08/13/99 21:50:33 GMT

Thanks Ralph - but that is exactly the controls I used.

Plain ol "Bill" -- wcottr at - Saturday, 08/14/99 22:40:49 GMT

anyone got a line on a set of flat dies for a 50 little giant. im too busy or too lazy(depending on how you look at it) to make my own.
any response would be great!
thanks and happy hot working

hacksmith -- ferrous at - Tuesday, 08/17/99 00:36:24 GMT

Thanks a lot Guru. You made me go spend more money. After reading your praise of the "Machinery's Handbook" bible, wouldn't you know it but I ended up seeing one today at the flea market. If it weren't for you, I'd have been able to walk right past it. Of course, now I'm hearing how hard they are to find. so I felt obligated to pick this one up. Nineteenth edition (Fourth printing, 1973) in exceptional condition. Please don't praise anything else. I'm liable to find it and run out of money.

Bob Rackers -- rackersr at - Wednesday, 08/18/99 19:48:53 GMT

The Bay School of the Arts, a fine art and craft school in Mathews County, Virginia, offers courses in a variety of arts, including blacksmithing. For more information, contact:

Bay School of the Arts
P. O. Box 696
North, VA 21318

or email: jcove at, or VenezianoJ at

jrf -- jrf at - Thursday, 08/19/99 03:19:07 GMT

The Bay School of the Arts, a fine art and craft school in Mathews County, Virginia, offers courses in a variety of arts, including blacksmithing. For more information, contact:

Bay School of the Arts
P. O. Box 696
North, VA 21318

or email: jcove at, or VenezianoJ at

jrf -- jrf at - Thursday, 08/19/99 03:19:38 GMT

I have heard that there is a good blacksmiting convention called the Quad State Roundup in Troy Ohio sometime in September. Can anyone be so kind as to provide me with the details or a web site that explains same. Thanks in advance, Richar Hamilton, Ontario Artist Blacksmiths Association, London, Canada

Richard Hamilton -- silver.rock at - Friday, 08/20/99 02:39:55 GMT

I have heard that there is a good blacksmiting convention called the Quad State Roundup in Troy Ohio sometime in September. Can anyone be so kind as to provide me with the details or a web site that explains same. Thanks in advance, Richar Hamilton, Ontario Artist Blacksmiths Association, London, Canada

Richard Hamilton -- silver.rock at - Friday, 08/20/99 02:46:05 GMT


September 24th through the 26th. Miami County Fairgrounds,Troy, Ohio.
Write to:

SOFA Quad-State99
PO Box 34208
Huber Heights, OH

Or call:

(937) 237-2200

Paw Paw Wilson -- pawpaw at - Friday, 08/20/99 12:14:36 GMT

My mother in-law has a anvil of her fathers and wants to get prices on how muchn it worth and a list of manufactures of anvils. Could anyone send me a wed address that deals w/ one of these topics. I would greatly appreciates it. My e-mail address is jhopkins at

Thank U,
Jason Hopkins

Jason Hopkins -- jhopkins at - Sunday, 08/22/99 16:35:08 GMT

Jason, This it the web page that deals with those topics. Used anvils sell for up to $2.00 per pound. It depends on condition, who's buying and who's selling. As for list of manufactures, you would do better to get a copy of Postman's book, Anvils in America.

Bruce R. Wallace -- Walmetalwk at - Sunday, 08/22/99 19:05:21 GMT

I'm looking for info on Beaudry Hammers. I bought a #7 need to figure out what it weighs so it can be moved. Also am curious as to its rating. Thanks Norman Davis 785-286-3034

Norm Davis -- ND5002 at - Sunday, 08/22/99 23:03:28 GMT

Norm, A Beaudry #7 is a 200Lb. hammer. A #7 belt driven hammer weighs 4,400Lbs. and a motor driven hammer weighs 5,000Lbs.

Bruce R. Wallace -- Walmetalwk at - Monday, 08/23/99 06:32:39 GMT

anvil for sale: 260 pd. Hay budden $390.00 a 1832 William Foster
early english model 125 pds. for $250.00. 1780 or earlier colonial pattern anvil $250.00 please e-mail if interested.

nick -- nicksanvil at - Tuesday, 08/24/99 05:25:27 GMT

does anyone know a cheap and easy way to make a bellows, just a simple one. If not, does anyone know of a place that I could possibly get one for a relitively low price.
Thank You

scotsman -- albagobragh99 at - Wednesday, 08/25/99 23:20:51 GMT

re: bellows
Well I don't have plans, but the ones I use at Ft. Vacouver are fairly simple.
3 pieces of 3/4 or 1 inch plywood (cut into the 'bellows' tear drop shape)about 4.5 foot by 3 foot, also cut a hole(square is what we have) in two of them about 18 inches from edge (wide end) enough leather(or perhaps nauga-hide)to make the bags between the 3 boards. At the narrow end you need to have an air out let only from upper chamber. The two boards with holes are the lower and middle chamber. Fashion a valve from wood and leather that rests on the top(inside) of the holes. So that when you pull on bellows handle the lower board goes up( valve closes) pushing air thru middle board(valve opens) raising upper board. The weight of upper board forces air to go thru nozzle.

Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps.

Ralph -- ralphd at - Thursday, 08/26/99 06:40:06 GMT

If anybody is interested, stop by the Pub this evening about 2130 hrs EST, for THE CONTINUING SAGA OF DIPPY DUCK. See ya there!

Paw Paw Wilson -- pawpaw at - Friday, 08/27/99 13:02:00 GMT

At University of Florida we have money to get a metal shop going but no ideas of a manufacturer to buy some simple things for basic blacksmithing. For example we need to buy a fuller. I am a student and am just learning about blacksmithing myself. If someone could give me a few suggesion on some basic things to get this place running and a good source to by them you would be doing me and the art of blacksmithing a huge favor. Thanks


jade walker -- jwalker at - Friday, 08/27/99 16:38:47 GMT


Very first step. Go to the links page here and contact Centaur Forge. Ask for their catalog. If I remember correctly, there is a $5.00 fee for the catalog, refundable on first order (not sure about thoath though) At any rate, the catalog is worth the fee, anyway. Centaur can supply almost anything you need. And the catalog is an education in itself.

Paw Paw Wilson -- pawpaw at - Friday, 08/27/99 16:52:25 GMT

I keep seeing referances to blacksmith tools posted to ebay. The question is where on ebay do you find them, I've tried and can only find anticy junk.

A. Hamm -- hammer at - Tuesday, 08/31/99 01:58:07 GMT

Yesterday I got a weird suggestion from my much-loved girlfriend. She wanted me to take up knitting instead of smiting weird huh

I got it when she was helping me move my equipment. Due to the frequent thefts and burglaries, 18 new locks this year alone! I have started to tote everything between home and shop.
All I leave there is the forge, all 8mm steel/angle iron and larger than the door. A work bench whose legs are 4 3by10” (75 by 250mm) planks driven 3’ (1m) into the ground (kind of hard to move in one piece) with a cheap 5” (125mm) wise mounted on it.

I won’t give a full list but the general idea.
The equipment consists of:
Some hammers, only ;) 10-12different depending on various factors in weights from 2oz- 4# (50g-2kg) (out of them 2 are clear favourites one to be retired soon:-( ), a drill brace and drills from 1.5-12mm (~1/16-1/2”), some taps and dies for treads 4-12mm, a few tongs (8-10), 6-7 files, kerosene blowtorch, 2 twisting wrenches (the larger one 30” long),2 tinsnips, a bench shear (6mm capacity) ,2 16”(400mm)C clamps,2 10” (250mm)wise grips, 12# (6kg) sledgehammer, set hammer, flattie, swages, assorted chisels about12-15 different, ~100# (52kg) anvil with basic anvil tools (hardy, hold-down, bending fork, veining tools, beak, swages, fullers…) sadly I have had my swage block stolen:-( . And assorted small stuff all in their places in the bike cart. I almost forgot the fan, a 1-hp petrol engine and a 10”fan in a rather simple set-up replacing my bellows (it is outside the shop so it is no fire hazard)

We put it all in the bike cart and haul it home (its only a few miles between home and shop)
Do you understand what she means??? ;-) lol

OErjan -- pokerbacken at - Tuesday, 08/31/99 11:02:57 GMT

I'm selling my entire collection of antique forges, anvils, and blacksmithing tools by auction October 2-3. I also have a big selection of early woodworking and metalshop tools. Email for the complete list. Thanks. Terry

Terry Rilkoff -- rilkoff at - Wednesday, 09/01/99 02:16:20 GMT

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