Electromotive Series and Reduction Potential

Factors in Bi-Metalic Corrosion

The greater the numerical difference between metals the greater the electrical potential. In a corrosion situation with an electrolyte metals tend to disolve and try to plate metals lower on the chart.

The 1898 chart is given as a reference but does not reflect modern science.

1898 CE Marks' 6th ASM
+Sodium   -2.71
Magnesium Magnesium -2.37
  Aluminum -1.66
  Manganese -1.188
Zinc Zinc -0.763
  Chromium -0.74
  Iron -0.44
  Cadmium -0.403
  Nickel -0.25
  Tin -0.136
Lead Pb Lead Pb -0.126
Tin ?    
Iron ?    
  Hydrogen (0) zero
Copper Copper +0.337
  Mercury +0.789
Silver Ag Silver Ag +0.799
Platinium Platinium +1.2
  Gold +1.50

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